Frequently Asked Questions


What will it cost for your firm to represent me regarding my injury claim?

Our firm represents injured persons in personal injury claims on a contingent fee basis.  That means that you, the client, do not pay us any fees unless there is a recovery of money damages in your case.  In most cases, we also advance the costs of your case and reimburse those to the firm at the conclusion of the case.  Please call us with additional questions as we would be pleased to discuss our fee arrangements with you.

Will my personal injury case go to Court?

Most personal injury cases are resolved prior to a lawsuit being filed.  That means that the matter is resolved as a result of our aggressive and experienced negotiation strategies directly with the insurance adjuster or representative for the other party.  However, when those negotiations do not result in fair settlement offers for our clients, we will file and pursue a lawsuit against the responsible party.  These decisions are made by the clients, with our recommendations.

What is the value of my personal injury case?

The value of each case depends upon the unique set of facts and circumstances of each matter.  In general, the law allows for our clients to recover the value of past and future economic losses such as lost wages, medical expenses and other out of pocket expenses.  In addition, the law allows for recovery of non-economic damages such as past and future pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement and mental anguish.  The specific value for these allowable damages depends upon how each of our clients is affected by the losses.  We make it a priority to understand how these specific damages apply uniquely to each of our clients.

What type of doctor should I see after an accident?

We recommend that our clients consult with physicians and other health care providers who are specifically trained to treat traumatic injuries.  We find that the correct type of medical treatment will provide the best chance of a good recovery for these injuries, and will also allow us to obtain the type of information that we need in order to properly present the claim to the adverse party.  If you are unsure about what type of physician to see for their injuries, we will make recommendations based upon factors such as the type of injury and the convenience for the client to visit the physician.

When should I consult with an attorney after an accident?

Our advice is that you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible after an accident.  Frequently, we will begin an investigation immediately upon being retained.  Any delay in this investigation may result in our inability to promptly discover important facts, speak to witnesses or obtain timely information. 

Will you travel to meet clients if they are unable to travel to your office?

Yes, we will travel to meet with new and existing clients if they are unable to make arrangements to travel to our office.  Many times, clients are hospitalized or in a rehabilitation facility after a serious accident and we will meet with them there.  Other times, financial considerations make it difficult to travel and we are pleased to accomodate our clients for this reason also.  We are here to assist our clients in any way that we can.

What types of automobile insurance is required in Florida?

Florida currently requires that the owners of motor vehicles registered in the State of Florida carry Personal Injury Protection coverage, commonly known as "No Fault" insurance.  In addition, property damage liability insurance is required.  There are specific limits and deductibles allowed, along with additional types of insuance coverage available.  For more detailed information on this topic, please refer to the Article posted on our website that addresses this issue or feel free to call our office.

What direct involvement will I have with my case as it moves toward conclusion?

We like to keep our clients advised and involved with the progress of their case.  After all, it is your case.  In the initial stages, you will be interacting with our attorney handling your case and the paralegal assisting the attorney.  We strive to stay in close contact with our clients and request their decisions on major matters throughout the case.  That being said, we also do our best to shield our clients from dealing with anyone involved in their case except our office staff and the client's doctors.  If the case moves into a lawsuit, the client's direct involvement will generally increase. 

What will my experience be like as a client of your law firm?

We make every effort to maximize the client experience at our office.   Among other things, that means that we return phone calls, keep clients advised of the progress in their case, advise them of settlement offers, seek their input on significant issues in their cases and strive to provide excellent client service  at all times.  We realize that our clients are often facing difficult times and we are respectful of their unique situation.  We encourage our staff to foster this excellent client service and we are proud of our record with repeat clients.

Can my "Facebook" or "MySpace" information be used in my personal injury case?

The short answer is "yes".  We have specific instructions for our clients regarding information that is posted on their social networking sites.  It is possible for the opposing insurance company or defense team to attempt to access this type of information and attempt to use it in a client's personal injury claim. 

What type of records should I maintain to document my damages in my personal injury claim?

We recommend that each client maintain a diary to record doctor's visits, medical procedures, missed days from work and to document lifestyle changes due to the injury.  In addition, we recommend that our clients keep and provide us with copies of medical bills, records, any photographs, pharmacy expenses, travel expenses, reciepts for lawn / household assistance and any other expenses related to the injury.